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NFCD provides opportunities for parents and family members to be involved in the program’s education and family services.

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Family Services

Teachers and Family Advocates regularly meet with parents to ensure they are well informed about their child’s routine, activities, and achievements. Parents and family members have opportunities to volunteer in class and during center activities. NFCD recognizes parents as their children’s primary teachers and nurtures and implements intentional strategies to engage parents in their children’s learning, developing and supporting parent-child relationships, including specific strategies for father/male involvement and engagement. Our goal is to develop relationships with parents and structure services to encourage trust and respectful, ongoing communication between staff and parents to create welcoming centers and classroom environments.

NFCD advances high-quality early education practices and the policies that support them. A large body of research shows that experiences in high-quality classrooms are related to the growth of young learners’ language, vocabulary, early math, and social skills. NFCD measures the quality of classroom environments, teacher-student interactions, and instruction every year through observations, assessments, and child outcome data.

Our Approach

NFCD is committed to providing parents/guardians with exceptional educational opportunities throughout the year to increase self-confidence and inspire self-sufficiency. Parent education also provides an opportunity for families to expand their knowledge of their child’s development to promote nurturing and increased quality of parenting.

Parent training and education should occur daily in various formats, including daily conversations between teachers and parents/guardians, home visits, parent-teacher conferences, workshops, materials sent home, and newsletters. During the year, parents/guardians’ educational content will cover an assortment of topics/ issues important to our families: