Parents, guardians, future parents, and family friends who desire a healthy place for children to grow and learn will rest easy at North Florida Child Development, Inc. Staff are trained to meet the highest of educational needs for your children. You will come to associate our child growing and learning center with being the finest in safety and sound early childhood education. For more information or pre-enroll your child(ren) please contact us at (850) 639-5080.

Parents/guardians are also encouraged to be involved in their children’s education through participation in classroom activities, joining the center’s parent committee, and getting involved in the Policy Council as a Parent Representative, participation in their children’s education by completing home visits, teacher/parent shared educational goals, parent/teacher conferences, and family partnership agreements.

North Florida Child Development focuses on multiple efforts to prepare children for Kindergarten. We use a combination of the following Curriculum to prepare children for Kindergarten:

  • Creative Curriculum

Downloadable Resources:

2020 Parent Handbook (pdf format)